We have put together a list of frequently asked questions about how Regent Street Dental is operating during the COVID-19 outbreak. We hope that this will be helpful to our patients during this time.

How has Coronavirus affected dentistry in the UK?

Dental practices are now under guidelines put forward by the British Dental Association, Faculty of General Dental Practitioners and NHS England to limit dental care to only emergency treatment. We are unfortunately needing to limit all procedures using aerosols to reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19 – this includes use of the dental drill, and ultra sonic scalers. In light of this, dentistry in the UK is now restricted to dealing with severe toothache, uncontrolled bleeding, or severe dental abscess.

What happens if I have lost a filling?

If you have lost a filling and you do not have toothache, we would advise that you firstly keep the area clean. Do use a soft brush and remove any food that may get trapped. You are also able to buy temporary filling kits from places like Boots and Amazon that can temporarily fill the area. These kits are not a long term fix, but will get most people out of a tricky situation until we can provide normal care again. If the broken tooth is sharp, you can use a nail file to smooth off the corner, however we recommend cleaning the nail file with antibacterial hand soap prior to using it in the mouth.

What happens if I have a severe abscess, uncontrolled bleeding or toothache keeping me awake throughout the night?

If you are not currently advised to self isolate (under the government guidelines), please contact the emergency phone on 01759 304519

If you are currently self isolating, then there are specialist centres set up in England to provide care for you. The 111 service are taking over care for any patient with dental emergencies who are currently self isolating.

What happens if I have a routine appointment coming up before 1st June 2020?

If you have a routine appointment, you will most likely be receiving a call from us to reschedule this. We are currently rebooking patients from June 2020, however with the current lack of an end date to government precautions, we may need to reschedule that appointment too.

We do apologise that our care has been significantly impacted by the current situation and we want to reassure all of our patients that if you do have severe dental pain, severe abscess or uncontrolled bleeding, we are still here to help either provide emergency care, or direct you to a specialist centre that is setup to deal with anyone self-isolating. We assure you that all of these precautions are being taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and are in the best interests of the public.

Please check our website and Like and share our Facebook page for updates and help spread the word.

We want to thank all our patients for your support during this difficult time and we can’t wait to start seeing you again when things return to normal.

Best wishes

The team at Regent Street Dental


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Regent Street Dental was established in 1982 as a local family practice and now operates six surgeries providing a wide range of dental care.

At Regent Street Dental our aim is to provide quality dental care for all the family in a caring, friendly environment. Our experienced team of dental professionals takes a preventative approach designed to help patients, young and old, maintain good long term oral health to reduce the need for treatment.

We teach our clients that maintaining good habits day to day is the best way to guard against tooth decay, premature wear and gum disease.

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Denplan – Monthly Payment Scheme

Overview of DenplanDenplan from Simplyhealth Professionals (STACKED) DO NOT USE - Denplan helps patients budget for their routine dental care and treatment by making regular monthly payments. We offer 3 Denplan Products:

  • Denplan Care;
  • Denplan Essentials;
  • Denplan for Children.

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Denplan Care This payment plan provides for the majority of dental treatment to maintain your dental health. A dental assessment is made so that the price you pay is dependent on the “health” of your mouth. It includes the following treatment, when clinically necessary and where carried out at the practice by your registered dentist:

  • Dental check-ups
  • Hygiene appointments
  • Dental x-rays
  • Preventative dental advice and therapy
  • Fillings & Root Canal Treatment
  • Extractions
  • Periodontal (gum) treatment
  • Crowns, bridges, dentures, inlays (excluding laboratory fees)
  • Supplementary insurance arranged by Denplan, which provides you with worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover and access to Denplan’s 24-hour Worldwide Dental Emergency Helpline.
  • Free access to our emergency out of hours service should you suffer a dental emergency such as dental trauma or toothache outside our normal surgery hours.
Denplan for Children Registration with Denplan for Children at Regent Street Dental has a number of benefits. As well as covering the cost of your child’s routine examinations and treatment, your child will also be entitled to:

  • Free access to our emergency out of hours “on-call Dentist” should your child suffer dental trauma or toothache outside normal surgery hours.
  • Supplementary trauma insurance to cover the cost of treatment following a dental injury.
  • Emergency dental treatment when away from your own dentist both in the UK and abroad.

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